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Concrete Foundations

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Repairing a damaged foundation is a job that pays for itself immediately and is too important to put off for later. Repairing a bowing or cracking foundation wall costs a fraction of the cost of the home, and in the current market, it will be almost impossible to sell a "fixer-upper." With the current housing slump, and with foreclosed homes filling 17% or more of the current housing market, even good homes are competing with foreclosure bargains with seeking a fair price. Repairing your foundation will help restore the value of your home and will help protect it before the problem gets worse.


Many people associate foundation problems with older homes, however Consumer Reports found that an alarming 15% of new homes had serious foundation problems. These problems were found to have two causes: poor construction, and homes built on poorly compacted fill soils. It's safe to say that foundation problems affect new and old homes alike.


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